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EU-based procurement provider of IT services from Eastern Europe.

We provide the most relevant, reliable, and cost-effective IT vendors for enterprises and startups. We assist in monitoring and managing the performance and deadlines of dedicated teams. We assure all financial transactions security.

Get the best value proposal from Eastern European IT companies via FEWOR

We only select developers who are best qualified to solve your business problem. We have many partner companies. However, we are not funded by any of our partners and do not list any company for a fee. We are honest with every client.

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Boost your startup with a reliable IT vendor

According to accelerators, 98 percent of startups shut down without entering the market. A founder has too many tasks: fundraising, ensuring rapid company growth, creating unique advantages for a product, etc.

We allow you to devote all your attention to these aspects. We take over the management of the dev team and the quality of the delivery.

However, we understand all the hurdles and challenges that every startup faces while recruiting or outsourcing.

We will provide you with a qualified vendor to develop an MVP. We'll monitor his work and take care of payment security. It becomes a more efficient, lucrative, and responsive solution for your product.

Why Fewor?

Unique benefits for projects of any scale

make your project costs effective and predictable

Our vendors' cost is 1.5 - 2 times lower than the developers in the USA and West Europe.

secure project processes from any threats

Fewor is based in the EU. Each contract is transparent and protected on the financial and legal terms.

get exclusive tracking of outsourcing

We provide a free account and project managers to track your project daily.

make your project a success

We provide a product manager to enhance your project and bring it to market successfully.

Have a great idea?
Ask us how to implement it!

R&D scope

Machine Learning

Our vendors build, train, validate, and deploy custom machine learning models that can find patterns and learn from datasets and historical data. We deliver custom smart business solutions that fit your specific business requirements.


With our vendors’ dedicated development teams you can build stunning 2D/3D applications and empower the real world with augmented and virtual reality. To create even more fun gameplay, you can combine AR with other technologies. It is now possible to create mind-blowing VR experiences across multiple platforms and industries.


We provide blockchain consulting and optimization of self-executing coded business contracts. Our vendors provide and implement crypto technologies to manage immutable data, deploy e-currencies, and develop tools for trading and funding.

App dev

Get featured in the Google Play and App Store with an outstanding app built on IOS/Android platforms. Our vendors offer a wide range of technologies (Kotlin, Swift, React) and experienced dev teams to create the most amazing apps in the world.

Web dev

Our vendors provide an option to create your site with proprietary CMS, unique UX/UI design, and integration of payment systems. Such a platform can be a key impetus for your e-commerce business.

Internet of Things

Our vendors integrate hardware and software to turn your concept into a ready-to-market product. They also provide advanced manufacturing facilities for prototyping.


Our vendors provide a spacious diversity of game development services including 2D and 3D development, single-player and multiplayer games, gamification solutions, and extra custom game development services. Our vendors have the expertise and skillset to perform the design, nuts, logic your game needs to make sure it has a monetary profit.


Minimum Years of Experience for
Vendors Managing Your Project


Operations support
from FEWOR


Experienced IT
vendors to select

Plans & Pricing

Verified selection & Maintenance

Plan A provides all the necessary tools for efficient outsourcing. We evaluate your project and select the most relevant vendor at the most appropriate price. We ensure constant communication with the vendor and supervise the progress of the project until its successful completion. 
Plan A is free and contains the following options:
Project evaluation. Assisting in drafting the specification.
Providing FEWOR account manager.
Selecting the best vendor.
Assistance in communication and negotiation.
Weekly report from the vendor.
Mediation in contentious matters. FEWOR offers solutions for emerging challenges.
Objective feedback. We collect transparent feedback from both client and developers to provide independent input that can be key to your project.

Management & Supervision

Usually, Plan A works. In case you need extra supervision over outsourcing, there is always a Plan B. We provide additional tools to track daily project progress via FEWOR external project manager.
The fee for Plan B is from 10 percent on the top of development services and contains these options (in addition to Plan A options):
Preparation of specification.
Providing a FEWOR project manager.
Methodology selection (Agile or Predictive Approach). Setting up and tracking processes according to the selected methodology.
Daily monitoring of team performance through reports in a convenient form.
Verifying results following the specification.

Devolution & Growth

If you not only wish to have complete supervision over the project but also to manually drive your product via FEWOR product manager, Plan C is the right solution for you.
The fee for Plan C is from 10 percent on the top of development services

Options (in addition to Plan A and B):
Personal FEWOR product manager.
Amendments on the project proposed by FEWOR product manager are free to implement even in the course of work.
All the financial transactions are carried out through the FEWOR services.
FEWOR guarantees successful results following the specification.

Let your remote dev team start working on the project in a couple of days.

Customer Support

Contact us at the phone number convenient for your region.

+1 847 505 0310

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