Fewor has its headquarters in the European Union. Within the EU, we carry out all financial, consulting, and legal activities. In our office, we hold the best-in-class project, product, and account managers for projects of diverse complexity. We have partnerships not only with Eastern European IT enterprises but also with small-scale development teams, which will suit your project perfectly.

Our main goal is to reduce the client's IT development costs by providing senior Eastern European developers managed by independent consultants at the price of junior US or EU devs.


The Fewor team has decades of experience in software development and marketing to provide you with a reliable IT partner for your project needs. 

You will learn how to make a perfect choice, why you need the service, and how it distinguishes from IT company listings and workforce management services from the following answers.

Question: What does FEWOR do, and why do I need them?

Fewor provides an accurate estimate of the terms and means for implementing your project.
Fewor provides a reliable developer company with experience in the exact technologies that your product needs.
Fewor provides external specialists for communication, supervision, and project management.
Fewor provides guarantees of the financial and legal side of the contract with the developer company.

Question: Why is the IT development with FEWOR coming out cheaper?
High-end developers from Eastern Europe initially "cost" 1.5 - 2 times less than similar experts from Europe and the USA. In plus, we further reduce the cost of marketing, sales, and project management (if required) for developer companies.

Question: How does FEWOR ensure security of the contract and supervision over the project?
We provide the option of concluding the contract directly with Fewor. In this case, the contract is concluded with our headquarters in the EU and the funds only pass through the service after the project has been completed. Fewor also becomes the guarantor of the agreed deadlines by providing its project or product manager for independent oversight of the project.

Question: How do I know you’re not selling me inappropriate software development team?
Fewor is an independent-owned company. We are not affiliated with any IT corporations. Thus, we are interested in the reputation and financial growth of the service thanks to the successful projects of our clients. Achievement of such success is possible only due to a developed partner network, which includes more than 30 companies-experts in various areas of software development.

Question: What makes you any different than the next Goodfirms, Crunchbase or Allegis?
Listings provide informative content for the client, often offering irrelevant developers or bringing the unqualified companies to the first places in ratings at the expense of advertising articles and paid accounts. We intentionally do not disclose Fewor partner network on the site. Nevertheless, we offer you to download a detailed presentation in the Case studies section  about our partners' capacities. Workforce management services provide just communication between client and developer. Frequently, acting only as an HR agency for external contractors.Fewor helps ensure full interaction and management of the external team through its specialists.


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