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FEWOR focuses on startups. It's the most vulnerable type of business where founders need to be both entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers. They should look for investments in the project and ensure its growth.
It is almost feasible to combine all these functions and realize all the tasks efficiently in such a short timeframe. However, it is exactly the startups that have become the modern driver of the world economy. A valuable idea can get the necessary funding in the shortest time through numerous accelerators, funds, and government initiatives. It is enough just to substantiate the cost of the most effective technical solution to implement the project. 

Therefore, we have designed a dev calculator for you. The leading vendors will take over the development process and leave your time and resources for growth in other sectors. 

Dev Calculator

Fill out the form below, leaving basic information about the current development stage. You will shortly receive a quote from the most appropriate vendor for your project, indicating the quantity and quality of the team required, deadlines, and funding.

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