IT procurement management

We fully manage IT procurement needs for startups, small and medium sized businesses.

IT Procurement management Benefits

We offer advice that gives you a seamless, fully business-oriented, and cost-effective procurement service that ensures you get the project you need on budget, time, and with relevant technology
We make sure you get the best advice and technology for your business needs
We have a completely transparent pricing system and we provide discounts from suppliers
Our economies of scale and strong vendor relationships
Our additional services such as onsite preset service

IT Procurement Service

Acquiring the right IT hardware, software and licenses can be incredibly difficult, especially when it takes a long time to figure out what you need. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we offer our clients a transparent and vendor-independent approach to IT procurement

Focused on your business targets

We do not seek to derive any profit from your technology purchases, nor do we seek to achieve supplier goals. We fully transfer any discounts that our suppliers provide directly to you. We do this because we are committed to your success and to ensure that you receive the right solutions for your specific business needs

Best price

We will negotiate with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) on your behalf to get the best value, warranties, and other useful factors to reduce the overall IT system costs. Our long-term relationships with major industry players make Fewor competitively priced on all IT products and solutions that come with our professional services. We provide complete solutions for your equipment upgrade requests

Specification alignment

Our procurement services will help ensure that the hardware and software you purchase meets industry security and regulatory requirements. By integrating these aspects into your IT solutions from the outset, you will benefit from the cost and risk when receiving a range of professional services from our team of experts. If you integrate these aspects into your IT solutions right away, then you will spend less money and be exposed to less risk when working with our team of experts



years of experience in meeting business requirements with IT products and services


reliable software and hardware vendors from Eastern Europe


support from your personal Fewor manager

we can procure a full range of it services for you, including:

Machine Learning

Our vendors build, train, test, and deploy custom machine learning (ML) models. These models can detect patterns and learn from specific datasets and historical data. We deliver custom models that become the basis for intelligent business solutions tailored to your specific requirements

Internet of Things

Our suppliers integrate both hardware and software. They provide advanced manufacturing facilities and industrial prototyping as part of the design to turn your concept into a market-ready product

ar & VR

With our vendors’ dedicated development teams you can build stunning 2D / 3D applications and empower the real world with augmented and virtual reality. To create even more fun gameplay, you can combine AR with other technologies. It is now possible to create mind-blowing VR experiences across multiple platforms and industries


We advise on blockchain and optimization of self-executing smart business contracts. Our vendors supply and implement crypto technologies to manage invariable data, deploy electronic currencies, and develop trading and finance tools

App dev

Upload your apps built for Android and iOS on Google Play and App Store. Our experienced teams of developers work with a wide range of technologies (Kotlin, Swift, React) to create the world's most amazing apps

Web dev

Our vendors provide opportunities to create websites with proprietary CMS, unique UI/UX design, and payment systems integration. Such a platform can take your business to e-commerce

game dev

Our vendors provide a wide range of game development, 2D and 3D development, single and multiplayer games, gamification solutions, and value-added game development services. Our vendors have the experience and skills to create the design and logic required for your game to drive revenue

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