IT procurement management

We fully manage IT procurement needs for startups, small and medium sized businesses.

IT Procurement management Benefits

We offer a consultative approach that provides you with completely impartial advice, and then follow that up with a seamless, fully business aligned and cost-effective procurement service that ensures that you get the technology that you need on time and on budget.
The confidence that you are getting the best advice and technology for your business needs
Our fully transparent pricing and passing on of any vendor discounts
Our economies of scale and strong vendor relationships
Our value-added services, such as our in-house pre-configuration service

IT Procurement Service

Procuring the right IT hardware, software and licenses can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially when it goes wrong. We are unique as we provide our customers with a completely transparent, vendor-neutral approach to IT procurement.

Focused on your business targets

That means that we do not look to make any margin off your technology purchases and we are not driven by meeting vendor targets. Instead, we pass on any discounts directly to you in a completely transparent way. We do this because we are interested in your long-term success, which means that we are more interested in ensuring that you get the right solutions for your specific business needs.

Best price

We’ll negotiate with OEMs on your behalf to secure the best volume pricing, hidden or low-key warranties and other beneficial inputs for lowering your long-term IT system costs. Our long standing relationships with major industry distributors allows Fewor to provide competitive pricing on all IT products and solutions which we can bundle with our professional services to provide a complete solution for your hardware refresh initiatives.

Specification alignment

Our IT procurement services will ensure that your hardware and software purchases align with your industry’s security and compliance requirements. By integrating these aspects to your IT procurement from the onset, you’ll benefit from long-term savings in cost and risk while receiving bundled professional services from a team of experts.



years of experience matching business needs with IT products and services


reliable software and hardware vendors from Eastern Europe


support from your personal Fewor manager

we can procure a full range of it services for you, including:

Machine Learning

Our vendors are experienced in building, training, validating, and deploying  of tailored ML models that discover patterns and learn from the provided datasets and historical data. We provide the delivery of custom models that become the basis of intelligent business solutions adjusted to your specific requirements.

Internet of Things

Our vendors integrate hardware and software and provide advanced manufacturing and industrial prototyping facilities as part of a continuous design process to transform your concept into a market-ready product.

ar & VR

Build applications with rich 2D/3D views and enriched real-world experiences by leveraging augmented and virtual reality technologies via our vendors' in-house dev teams.Combine AR with other technologies to create an even more captivating experience.Create mind-blowing VR experiences across multiple platforms and industries.


We provide blockchain consulting and optimization of self-executing coded business contracts. Our vendors provide and implement crypto technologies to manage immutable data, deploy e-currencies, and develop tools for trading and funding.  

App dev

Get featured in the Google Play and App Store with an outstanding app built on IOS/Android platforms. Our vendors offer a wide range of technologies (Kotlin, Swift, React) and experienced dev teams to create the most amazing apps in the world.

Web dev

Our vendors provide an option to create your site with proprietary CMS, unique UX/UI design and integration of payment systems. Such a platform can be a key impetus for your e-commerce business.

game dev

Our vendors provide a spacious diversity of game development services including 2D and 3D development, single-player and multiplayer games, gamification solutions, and extra custom game development services. Our vendors have the expertise and skill set to perform the design, nuts, logic your game needs to make sure it has a monetary profit.

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