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Whether it's an MVP to test the viability of an idea or a complete solution built from scratch, Fewor is always there to support you.
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Looking for startup success criteria?

We give a couple of tips. If you can agree that your startup meets all of the criteria below, you are more likely to win the market than others.

Idea. You might get surprised, but the idea is not what will drive your project. It may not be innovative, it may even seem outdated or one of many, but sometimes the desire to refine is much better than inventing something new.
Team. This is the backbone of any startup. Experienced and motivated employees can create a unique product or service in no time, which is especially important for a startup. Skills, responsibility, and reasonable costs of each employee are of great importance, and as certain events in the world have shown, geographic location does not matter.
Technology. A startup is all about technology, innovation, and improvement. If your idea does not bring something new, then it is rather a copy of something already existing. Even so, the main thing you should focus on is the end-user benefit.
Methodology. A startup must be flexible. To survive, you need to adapt to changes in the environment. However, it is also necessary to predict various events to achieve the goal. Only a combination of all methods will lead to success. 
Partners. They also influence startup success. It is better to not partner with anyone if you are not sure. However, reliable partners will prevent you from making mistakes or support you in the most difficult circumstances.
Funding. Funding is vital to a startup. However, to receive funding from investors, it is often required to provide the MVP of the project. MVP is the most expensive part of the entire project, so the money is often invested by the founders themselves.

Startup development services

Vendor Selection

For startups, we select reliable suppliers with many years of experience in developing startups. Each of the selected companies is ready to take on product development challenges and make changes to the project promptly

Business Intelligence

A big problem in software development can be a poorly written requirements specification. We formulate precise and understandable requirements to implement exactly what is needed

Project management

If it is necessary to focus efforts on other startup tasks, Fewor will provide a project manager. He will complete the development process without problems following the written requirements specification.

Product management

In case we cannot estimate the project scope, and you admit the possibility of making changes to the product, we can provide a Fewor product manager. Our expert will manage your project and supervise the development process

Guarantee of financial security and contracts transparency

Alternatively, we offer secured payments during the development process. You can make payments to EU banks through Fewor services.

Benefits of Fewor

Methodology Tolerance

Any methodology can not only harm a startup but also make it survive. We will not only find the right technology for your project but also provide software vendors who work with any technology, methodology, or framework.

24/7 supervising your product development process

If you do not need a Fewor project or product manager, our specialists are in constant contact with suppliers and will provide you with a full regular report on the development progress.

Up-to-date technologies

Each of our suppliers can provide even world-class developers. They specialize in modern and proven technologies for the implementation of software projects of all sizes.

Affordable R&D cost

Due to our vendors located in Eastern Europe, the cost of software development is 2-3 times lower compared to competitors from the USA and Western Europe.

Startup development PLANS

Plan A

Free project estimation. Assistance in creating a specification
Providing a free FEWOR account manager
Choosing the best vendor
Assistance in communication and negotiation
Feedback. Weekly report from the dev team
Mediation in controversial matters

Plan B

(In addition to Plan A)
Identifying, analyzing, and documenting requirements
Providing a FEWOR project manager
Methodology selection (Agile or Predictive Approach). Setting up and tracking development processes according to the chosen methodology or framework
Daily monitoring of the team's work progress with a convenient reporting form
Validation and verification of specification requirements

Plan C

(In addition to Plan A and B)
FEWOR personal product manager
Сhanges to the project that the FEWOR product manager suggests can be made during the working process for free
All the financial transactions are carried out through the FEWOR services
FEWOR guarantees successful work results and tasks performance according to specification

What makes Fewor startup development services different?

15 years

experience in mentoring startups


successful own startups


support & maintenance

Startup development services
in your industry


Software development for autonomous driving, traffic management, and cargo tracking purposes is now available for small and mid-sized businesses


Let us help you develop software that can save thousands of lives with the latest disease diagnostics, health apps, and vital metrics tracking


It is very important to implement online solutions for modern education to expand the learning opportunities for people. Our suppliers have years of experience in this field and bring your EdTech startup to success


Green energy will become even more efficient with the invention of software solutions. Your project can help replace outdated and hazardous energy technologies with new and eco-friendly ones

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