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Precise requirements. We help you prepare a detailed assignment for your or Fewor developers.
Technology selection. Based on the project description, we select the technologies that will maximize productivity and minimize project costs.
Matching vendors. If necessary, we will select the top developers. Our partners provide unique quality, while contract costs will be approximately 2-3 times lower than their North American and Western European competitors.
Estimation. Once the requirements are in place and the technology and vendors are selected. We will be able to provide you with a cost estimation for your project.

Our technology consulting services include:

Industry Consulting

We offer technology consulting services for a variety of industries. We enable growth, increase efficiency, and keep your company up to date through intelligent, fully orchestrated processes that take into account users, customers, employees, and business partners alike. Fewor works on streamlining your software processes to successfully empower your business to deal with everyday operational challenges.

Technology Consulting

Java, Javascript, Swift, Python, C++... there is no longer any need to be experienced in the technologies. Fewor will do it for you. Our experts will match the right technologies for fast and profitable implementation of your project.


We help meet business challenges by solving non-trivial problems. Digital transformation and processes optimization starts with consulting and defining requirements, not with finding developers.

Requirements setting

The software development process becomes predictable and transparent due to accurate requirements. Requirements formation is the most important process of "translation" of business tasks into the "language" of developers. Fewor helps to form exact requirements and choose those contractors who will exactly cope with a task in time.

Vendor selection

We select only the developers we know personally.  Along with them, we have already successfully implemented dozens of projects. Maybe it's time to implement yours?

Why is it worth trying a FREE CONSULTATION from Fewor??

24/7 response by our team

We are available 24 hours a day to help you resolve controversial issues and clarify the details and process of your development. 

We cut dev costs

Our vendors are 2-3 fewer than comparable developers in North America and Western Europe.

Acknowledged IT experts

Our team features world-class software experts with numerous awards for mentoring tech startups in Eastern Europe.

solve business problems

We do not "sell" developers. We solve business problems with high-quality human resources.


Use a wide range of Fewor services:

Free consultation
24-hour support
Optimal vendor selection
Project Management
Product Management
Fewor provides an accurate estimate of the terms and means for

With our assistance, your project will be launched earlier than you could have imagined.

We Guarantee

  • Time and cost efficiency for software development
  • Feedback and ongoing communication with the development team
  • 24/7 support

We control

  • Project progress
  • Financial security
  • Transparent and objective delivery

We deliver

  • Advanced technologies and best-in-class dev teams
  • High-quality implemented projects
  • Long-term partnerships with dev teams

What makes Fewor different?

11 Years

Our team's average software development experience


Verified IT vendors. We are personally familiar with each dev team


Average feedback rating on the top listings regarding our vendors

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