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What is the value of your business to customers?

One of the main elements that deliver value to your customers is your people. Their experience and skills give you an edge over other companies. You spend years building your team, finding and hiring the best talents, expanding your company's expertise with IT projects and solutions.Outsourcing can help solve this problem in the following cases:

Long-term project. The result is critical to the company. In this case, IT professionals must join the business team and become part of it
Lack of deep knowledge or experience in the IT field. Lack of project management experience can also lead to difficulties and unpleasant consequences. Poorly written specification and management, together with the problems associated with teams that work remotely, can lead to project failure
Unexperienced HR managers can hire unskilled developers due to the lack of IT experience. The developers may not fit your team in terms of experience, stack, or psychology. Expensive recruitment agencies may not fulfill their tasks or recruit unqualified developers, analysts, or project managers which can lead to a decrease in the work/code quality and motivation of the entire team or a project failure
High cost of outsourcing project development. Typically, the supplier includes all marketing, promotion, and sales costs in their project. If all you need is a developer or a team of IT professionals, with the right vendors, you won't have to overpay for unwanted services.

Our workforce & outstaffing services include:

Outstaffing Intelligence

We will learn about the best specialists, their rates, where to find them, and when they are open for work
We also analyze their benefits and what it takes to hire them

Customer Alignment

We take time to understand your company's business processes and culture
This approach allows us to assess the needs of your business and the wishes of all stakeholders
With this information, we can develop a solution for employees that will bring value to them and improve work processes

Candidate Screening

We exclude all candidates through the qualification process, including resume screening, behavioral interviews, and feedback from former colleagues
We can also do certification, background checks, and more

Retention Support

Regarding the contractual obligations, we are constantly in contact with our client and consultant. We strive to maintain employee engagement, productivity, and retention throughout every project

Why work with Fewor?

The main goal of our team is to make sure that our IT solution meets the needs of your business and your employees, and does not go over budget.


We know hundreds of dedicated developers, business analysts, project managers, and entire teams


In the long run, hiring IT staff is cheaper than finding suppliers


We help candidates adapt to your industry and corporate culture


We will provide detailed advice on how to make your company attractive to the best IT professionals

What makes our workforce and outstaffing services different from others?

10+ Years

of experience in outsourcing & outstaffing  

72 hours 

average time from your request to an offer


dedicated teams and developers are available right now


Do you know what exact specialists you need for a project? If you do not know the answer to this question, our services will help you find a team that fits the implementation of the planned scope of work and solve the following problems:

  • Make a business expansion plan
  • The right IT solution to business problems
  • Newbies into corporate culture
  • Integrating IT Improving HR brand


Outstaffing will set up your project in a matter of days.We check how candidates behave after hiring and whether they are doing well at work. If their professional experience is not enough or they do not fit in psychological parameters, we will provide a replacement for the required vacancy as soon as possible.


Try your first project with Fewor now. We will do our best to make you satisfied with our services and will try to minimize all the risks associated with outsourced project development

Looking for outstaffing solutions to meet all your needs?

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