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What is the value of your business to the customer?

One of the main points is your employees. Their expertise and skills put you at an advantage over other companies. You've spent years building your team, recruiting the best, bringing your traits and experience to the personality of each of them. Expanding your company's expertise with IT projects and solutions means expanding your team by bringing in the talent from the best in the IT industry. Outsourcing can help solve this problem in the following cases:
Long-term project. The outcome of which is crucial to the company. In this case, IT specialists must become part of the team, part of the business.
The lack of experience in the IT industry. Lack of experience in outsourced project management can lead to unfavorable consequences. Inaccuracies in specification and management, coupled with the issues of remote teams' work, can lead to the failure of the project.
The lack of an HR manager with expertise in the IT industry. Hiring unskilled workers who might not be mentally suitable for your team, or expensive services of HR agencies, which do not justify the expenses, can lead to lower quality of executed work and motivation of the whole team.
High cost of the project in outsourcing. As a rule, the vendor includes all the marketing and sales costs in your project. All you need is a developer or a team of IT specialists. With the right sourcing and management of the IT team, you won't have to overpay for the services you don't need.

Our workforce & outstaffing services include:

Outstaffing Intelligence

We grasp the top experts, what they earn, where to find them, and when they are open.
We also recognize their superiorities and what it takes to hire and engage them.

Customer Alignment

We invest the time to understand your business and culture.
Our approach allows us to evaluate your service requirements, and we can establish a compelling employee value proposition that is placed to bring the top talent.

Candidate Screening

We eliminate all candidates through a firm qualification process, including resume matching, behavioral interviews, and supervisory reference checks.
We can also perform certification verification, background checks, and more.

Retention Support

For contract positions, we also remain in close touch with the client and our consultant, promoting employee engagement, performance, and retention throughout each assignment.

Why work with Fewor?

Our team’s primary goal is to make sure your staff needs meet your business goals and tight budget.


We know hundreds of dedicated teams and developers


In the long term, it costs less to hire IT specialists on staff than to keep looking for vendors


We support candidates in adapting to your industry and corporate culture


We provide a detailed report on whether your company is a good fit for the best IT professionals and advise on how to change your corporate culture for the better.

What makes our workforce & outstaffing services different?

10+ Years

of experience in outsourcing & outstaffing  

72 hours 

average time from your request to a job offer


dedicated teams and developers are available right now


Can you estimate what kind of specialist you need for a particular project?

If you can't answer, our services can help you find the right team for your business and solve the following problems

Plan your business expansion
Solve your business IT problems
Integrate IT newbies in your corporate culture
Improve your HR brand


Outstaffing will get your project up and running within days. We monitor the progress and behavior of candidates after employment. In case of incompatibility in terms of professional or mental characteristics, we are ready to provide a replacement for the required position in the shortest time scale possible.


Try your first project through Fewor now. We will minimize your risks and do all we can to make you satisfied with our services.

Looking for outstaffing solutions for all your IT needs?

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